06 February, 2006

Words from the Desert

We were visited by the new Iraqi Air Force Chief of Staff. It was the first time ever for me to have been in an open ranks inspection by a foreign officer. The guy walks by us saying thank you in a thick accent. We shake his hand then salute. He was a shorter gentleman. Mirrored sunglasses, obscure but gaudy rank which was supposed to mean something to me, thick mustache. I think if CNN had been there we would have become stock footage for eternity.

His deputy, their equivalent to a three star general was a dead ringer for Saddam Hussein. According to our boss he was one of the doubles that Uncle Saddam used in his public appearances. That was interesting. Though I had to leave everybody who could tried to get a picture with him. I think the chief of staff was a little disappointed that he rated number two for photo ops.


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