12 February, 2006

Why we won the first Desert Storm

Last night we had a ‘security incident’. Don’t worry, not a big deal. I did however have to tell LtCol S____ the Iraqi squadron commander of the situation. He had just landed and was getting all the post flight details taken care of. He doesn’t speak very much English.

If I had spoken Arabic it would have sounded like this (with translation):

Maj Irwin: “Sir, we have a security incident in progress and I need you to take your crew to your quarters and establish security procedures.”

LtCol S____: “Thank you Major. I will gather my crew up and we will quickly go to our building. Advise of any changes in the situation.”

However, it actually went like this (I am not making this up):

Maj Irwin: “LtCol S____, uh…. Bad guys? Need you to go to your quarters.”

LtCol S____: “Bad guys? BAD GUYS! Go to my BED?! I RUN!!!!”


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