15 May, 2006

What I’ve learned (recently)

When it is 120 degrees in the shade, French fries stay hot and an ice cold coke isn’t.

Not flinching at one unscheduled detonation is experience; not flinching at two unscheduled detonations is jaded.

Senior Officers don’t have a sense of humor.

Real conversation between me and a Senior Officer at Al-Udeid Air Base, Qatar.

“Are you going to take off from here?” He was pointing at the spot we were standing at behind the plane. We were in a cargo ramp and I think he meant to ask if we were going to load cargo here then depart or just depart.

I responded, “Well Sir, I was planning to taxi to the runway to actually takeoff but if you insist I think I can make it from here.”

Not even a hint of a smile.


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