13 March, 2006


Not since 1992 when a classmate at Wright-Patterson AFB asked me if I wanted to go to a Cincinnati Reds game and I responded in all seriousness, “Cincinnati Reds… That’s baseball, right?” has anyone asked me to participate in a spectator sports activity.

I have finally been beaten down and forced to participate in one of these office pools. It’s costing me $5. Only because the paper said basketball was I aware of the sport I was ‘playing’. Frankly, I am uncertain if this is the game that they use the sticks or is it the one that they wear all the pads? Somebody help me out here.

I wanted to honor my friends Dillman and Ballard by at least having their teams make the semi-finals but the name Seaton Hall sounds more distinguished than Kentucky and Ballard, sorry, I couldn’t remember if it was NC or NC State.

I really would have had Arkansas beat Memphis but I was writing in pen and couldn’t erase the mistake.

Brian and Diane: The Washington they have here is for UW right? I’m supposed to be a rabid anti-UW person, correct? I think I’m supposed to cheer for Iran over UW, correct? Even so I have some issues with Utah unrelated to sports so Washington gets at least one win by default.

Mom and Dad, I know you sent me and your money to WSU but I didn’t see them listed.

George Washington goes as far as it does on name recognition alone.

Same with George Town – though I didn’t realize George, Washington (pop. 528, US Census 2000) had an NCAA school.


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