22 March, 2006

NCAA update… Like I really care…

You’ll be pleased to know that I am not in last place. Last is occupied by somebody who really deserves it – loud in mouth, bold in predictions, weak in delivery.

Dillman, Seton Hall beats Kentucky in the regionals (not going to happen). I guess having a distinguished name and no skills kind of reveals itself. Though I understand Kentucky vs. UConn was a foregone conclusion.

Mike Ballard, I appreciate your statement regarding not confusing UNC with NC State. I respect the threat of a horseshead ruining my 1000 count Egyptian cotton sheets. However, please speak to your wife regarding your brief message and the importance of completing the objective and intent of your passage. It remains unclear to me where you loyalty lies as far as your Alma Mater so I will go out on a limb and offer my condolences on the loss of NC-State to Texas. I am sure you are happy though the UNC was crushed by George Mason.

Of the four Washington state schools I was disappointed to see George Washington lose in the first round. I am pleased to note the George Town and Gonzaga remain (Gonzaga, the name that’s just fun to say! That ought to be their official slogan). And I guess I should mention Washington getting on as well. Whatever…


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